Indian Buyer and Supplier Data with Shipment Detail?

With international trade being a major economic driver, having access to detailed import and export data can provide Indian businesses with valuable insights and opportunities for growth.

One company at the forefront of unlocking the power of this trade data is Siomex.

Siomex provides authoritative import export data for companies looking to expand their cross-border operations.

The data is sourced directly from Indian Customs and includes comprehensive information on all India’s export and import transactions.

Key datasets provided by Siomex:

Import Data – This includes granular details on products imported into India like importer name and address, overseas supplier details, HS classification codes, product description, origin and destination ports, quantity, total value, etc.

The data helps businesses identify potential suppliers, analyze demand trends, and make strategic sourcing decisions.

Export Data – It covers specifics of products exported from India such as exporter name and address, foreign buyer name and address, HS codes, product description, shipping port, quantity, total value, etc.

This assists companies in finding new overseas buyers and assessing competitor activity.

Customs Shipment Data – It consists of records of all customs transactions including Bill of Entry and Shipping Bill information.

This provides authoritative data on actual shipments like weight, assessment value, duty paid, etc. Useful for trade analysis, compliance and logistics.

Analytics and Trends – Siomex also provides insightful analytics like dashboards, visualizations, and reports to identify opportunities based on trade patterns, growth markets, emerging products, etc. Historical data enables analysis of trends.

Benefits of using Siomex’s import export data:

Discover new markets for exports based on demand

Identify alternate import suppliers to source competitively

Analyze market trends and statistics for strategic decisions

Benchmark against competitors

Monitor competitor shipment patterns and new products

Qualify new overseas buyers and suppliers using contact and shipment records

Plan logistics and supply chain efficiently using shipment data

Ensure compliance with latest import and export regulations

 early identify issues disrupting trade flow based on analytics

This data can provide end-to-end visibility and actionable insights across the trade value chain – from sourcing and sales to logistics and regulations.


By using Siomex’s rich repository of official import and export data, Indian companies can explore trade opportunities, optimize operations, improve competitiveness and power data-driven business growth

With increasing digitalization, real time access to authoritative foreign trade data is invaluable.

As a pioneering import export data provider, Siomex enables easy access to this high-value data digitally.

Businesses aiming to expand globally can derive significant value from Siomex’s offerings to unlock the full potential of India’s international trade.—suppliers-import-and-export-data

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